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Would Keri Russell, Voice Of Cartoon ‘Wonder Woman,’ Be Up For The Live-Action Version?

Keri Russell is a huge Wonder Woman fan — so much so that she used to dress up as the Amazonian princess for Halloween. But even though she’s providing the voice of Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” animated DVD movie, she’s not so sure she’d want to try her hand at doing Diana in a live-action “Wonder Woman” movie.

“It’s so tricky to do [a superhero story] as live action,” Russell told us when we caught up with her at the afterparty for her one-night reading of “All About Eve” on Broadway. “And we haven’t seen a girl [carry] one yet.”

That might be why producer Joel Silver has been running through directors and writers on “Wonder Woman,” from Joss Whedon to the Wachowski Brothers to the now-rumored McG, searching for just the right take. (“It’s been in a constant state of development; we’ve just not been able to find the right way to do it yet,” Silver told SuperHeroHype.)

But since there’s already a queue of actresses ready to crack the lasso and fly the invisible jet — most recently Beyonce — Russell isn’t sure she’d be the most qualified, even with her voice work as Wonder Woman on her resume.

“My only real experience with that is working with J.J. [Abrams], when we did ‘Mission Impossible,’” she said, “and that was really fun, I have to say. But I don’t know. I would do something for it, but I’m not necessarily fighting to get the part.”