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The Americans Mega Buzz: Whose Life Is Hanging By a Thread?

So much for that Epcot trip.

After getting exposed to the deadly Glanders pathogen in Gabriel’s (Frank Langella) apartment on The Americans, Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) have to stay quarantined for 36 hours on Wednesday’s episode for the antibiotic to take effect. That means their family trip to Epcot — aka their cover so the KGB can kill Pastor Tim — needs to be called off.

That, however, is the least of their worries. They may have come too late to save Gabriel, who’s wheezing away on his (death?)bed, while Elizabeth’s body has a tough time handling the antibiotic William (Dylan Baker) has given them… or is that the symptoms of Glanders? She fears the worst and has that “If something happens to me…” convo with Philip.

Meanwhile, in Russia, Nina (Annet Mahendru) awaits word on her appeal now that she’s subjected to “exceptional punishment” after trying to send a note to Anton’s son. Oleg (Costa Ronin) asks his father, Igor (Boris Lee Krutonog), to pull some strings, and he proposes a deal to his son in exchange for his help. Does he come through? Nina’s fate will be revealed by the end of the episode.