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The Americans: Fact and Fantasy

A Limited Engagement Opening April 2nd

Call girl disguises? Cached radios? Crossword puzzle ciphers? These may seem like Hollywood inventions, but many of the devices and traps used in FX Network’s 1980’s espionage drama, The Americans, were actually deployed by KGB operatives and technicians on US soil during the Cold War.

The International Spy Museum’s newest exhibit will take you inside the lives of these Soviet spies, otherwise known as “illegals,” who were dispatched to the United States in order to execute operations while posing as normal, mild-mannered Americans. See both replicas and actual tools used by agents to gather secret intel, exchange information, and complete sabotage missions. But we warn you, you may never look at a book of crossword puzzles the same way again.

The mini exhibit runs through July 2014. The Americans airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX. For more information on the show, visit