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Keri Tells “Bedtime Stories”

Since making the jump from the small screen to the big screen, actress Keri Russell has made her mark in comedy, drama and action films. On Christmas Day she is back in theaters co-starring with Adam Sandler in “Bedtime Stories.”

Russell sat down with The Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez to discuss a wide range of topics including the film, co-star Adam Sandler, her Mickey Mouse Club days, being a mom, her husband and children’s books.

“You liked working with Adam Sandler?” Rodriguez asked. “I don’t know if it looks like you had fun in that clip or not.”

“I like him very much. He is everything you would expect him to be and such a good New England boy,” Russell said. “He is funny, sweet, a good dad, a good husband, you know? Yeah. I really like him.”

The two Hollywood stars had never met before they did “Bedtime Stories.”

“I had not met him, no. So, I’m not kidding, he just called me and said — well that’s not true. Let’s be fair, Jackie, his wife had seen ‘Waitress,’ she said, you know, you should – I like her, you should hire her, she would be good,” Russell said. “So he called me up and said ‘I want to make a movie my kids could see.’ I was really pregnant at the time. He said ‘You’re pregnant. You’re having kids, so you should come do this movie with me.'”

In the movie, Russell plays a woman who takes turns baby-sitting her friend’s kids with Sandler’s character. He makes up these fantastical bedtime stories that come to life.

“It was crazy. It was like a fantasy sequence every day. I was a mermaid to a fairy to riding on the back of a motorcycle with Adam Sandler, which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. You know? It’s a really fun movie. It’s kind of — it’s everything that Disney offers, but then it has the Sandler factor as well, so it broadens the audience.”

“Speaking of Disney,” Rodriguez said. “You know we had to dig up your clips from the Mickey Mouse Club back in the day.”

“So enjoyable,” Russell said.

“Yeah. So many people turned out to be like you — big stars. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera,” Rodriguez noted. “Could you tell back then who was going to be big?”

“No. I mean, we were nerds. We were dancing around to Bel Biv DeVoe. But we thought we were cool. No. There’s still so many kids – kids — That haven’t come out yet,” Russell said. “I mean, Tony Lucca has this very like James Taylor-ish voice, Lindsey Alley is this amazing actress and one of my best girlfriends now is a lawyer from that show.”

“Now you have a kid of your own,” Rodriguez said.

“I do.”

“One-and-a-half years old, River?”

“I do.”

“Look at you when you talk about him,” Rodriguez said.

“He’s a nice little guy,” Russell said.

“What is the milestone now?” Rodriguez asked.

“He doesn’t talk a lot. A lot of caveman language and pointing. But he’s so sweet and funny and I just – my favorite is his dancing,” Russell said. “I love the way he dances — does yours dance?”

“She dances,” Rodriguez said. “She dances really cute. It’s one move, but it’s a good move.”

“When they throw the moves out, I love it,” Russell said.

“You know, my little girl has favorite books,” Rodriguez added. “Since your movie is bedtime stories, I got you some for him … ”

“You’re so nice!” Russell interjected.

” … that she liked when she was 1 1/2. Harry the Dirty Dog … Great book. This one, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See.”

“I love that author,” Russell said.

“This one, Good Night, New York City.”

“Very kind of you!”

“Who will read them, you or daddy?” Rodriguez asked.

“We take turns,” Russell said. “I’m big more on the reading, he is big more on the wrestling.”

“He’s a great dad?”

“He is a great dad.”

“He’s really cute,” Rodriguez said.

“Isn’t he cute? He’s awesome and he builds houses,” Russell said. “He’s got it all going on.”

“Is it true that Cameron Diaz once checked him out at a party?” Rodriguez asked.

“Oh no, that’s gonna snowball, poor Shane (her husband). We were at a party and she did happen to be there and we did happen to pass and I do think I caught like a little backwards glance at him,” Russell said. “How could you not? He’s so cute.”

“Quickly, tell me about your holiday thing you’re doing, ‘Just Look for UL.'” Rodriguez said.

“It’s a holiday safety campaign. ‘UL’ which is, you know, it’s the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) mark that is on all electronics and things, it’s about keeping the home safe for, you know, your kids and your family and just look for the little UL mark.”

“That’s all you have to do?” Rodriguez asked.


“Keri, thank you so much. Happy Holidays.”

“Thank you so much! Thank you for the books! You’re so sweet,” Russell said. “My gosh, this is great!”