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Keri Russell Says Riding a Bike in High Heels Is Her Favorite Summer Activity

Sneakers, schmeakers! When it comes to riding a bike, Keri Russell prefers stilettos instead.

“I feel extra summery being on my bike in high heels,” The Americans star, 41, told PeopleStyle after co-hosting the Saks Fifth Avenue & Vogue ‘Kick Off the Summer’ dinner at EMP Summer House in East Hampton, N.Y. last night. “It feels very over-the-top decadent somehow.”

And it’s something the mother of three — to River, 10, Willa, 5 (from her former relationship with carpenter Shane Deary) and Sam, 1 (with her Americans co-star and partner Matthew Rhys) — loves doing all summer long, especially when going out with Rhys.

“[Date night] usually involves night bike-riding, and these days, high heels,” she says. “I just love dressing up. When I was younger, I drove a pickup truck and I wanted to wear boots and jeans everywhere, and as you get older, you’re like, ‘Being a girl is fun.’”

Therefore, it’s no surprise she chose a pair of ankle-tie heels to complete her girly Johanna Ortiz top and ruffle skirt look while hosting the dinner in the Hamptons last night. “I’ve just been so entranced by Johanna Ortiz and what she’s doing lately,” says Russell. “She’s just so fun and it feels so feminine, and so I asked if I could borrow something from her new collection.”

Russell credits costume designer Frank Fleming for helping her choose the two-piece combination. “I met him on a film years and years ago, and now he helps me as a favor as a stylist,” she says. “I kind of have an idea of what I want and then Frank makes it better, always. He always leads me down the right path.”

Her transition from a tomboy to feminine style isn’t the only major change she’s made in her 40s. The former poster girl for curly hair — Felicity Porter for life — is now obsessed with Keratin hair treatments. “I get it once or twice a year and it’s a dream come true,” she says. “It’s everything to a curly haired girl, because you don’t have to blow it out, you don’t have to do all these things to it — nothing. It can be wet and you can walk out the door and it looks good.”

And it especially comes in handy being a busy mom: “It’s a life-changer, and a time-saver,” she says. “There’s no time to brush your teeth, let alone blow dry your hair!”