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Keri Russell in Talks for DARK SKIES

Keri Russell and Daniel Barrett are in talks to join the sci-fi leaning horror feature Dark Skies. Priest director Scott Charles Stewart is set to direct, and Bloody Disgusting reports that the story centers on “a 6-year-old boy who’s apparently been ‘marked’ by an alien (living among us) for future abduction.” They note that the plot apparently shares some of the same themes as Fright Night, while also tapping the child abuse story mine.

Russell and Barrett would play the child’s parents should they sign on, and Blumhouse Pictures is producing. For those unfamiliar, Blumhouse is responsible for the “low budget/big profit” model and is the studio behind the Paranormal Activity films and Insidious. It’s safe to assume that Dark Skies may include some form of found footage given the studio’s penchant for the genre. Russell recently signed on to star in the espionage drama pilot The Americans for FX, so should the network pick the show up to series we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of the Felicity actress.