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Grimm Love in U.S. theaters

Keri’s movie Grimm Love is part of Fangoria Fright Fest. At the Fangoria Fright Fest website, you can vote on eight horror movie trailers, including the trailer for Grimm Love. Voting ends July 19. The movie with the highest-rated trailer will get a release in theaters in late July. This is the only chance to see Grimm Love on a movie screen in the U.S.

Credit: Miss_W at IMDb

3 Comments on “Grimm Love in U.S. theaters”

  1. The drought is over! Keri Russell is in a finally in another film. Why won’t Hollywood recognize her true skill and talent? I already found a place on the Internet that has this movie available for rental. Netflix has the option for save queue.

  2. Dark House ended up winning… I still want to see Grimm Love, it seems like such an interesting story.. I’m adding them both to my Blockbuster account for when they come out this Friday!

  3. Me too! I thought Pig Hunt was more exciting than Grimm Love, but I’m a pig hunter myself so my judgment might be a bit biased.

    I’m glad that Fangoria held that contest, I’m trying to add all 8 movies to my Blockbuster que!

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