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Emmys: Keri Russell Reveal Favorite Scenes, Biggest Challenges

What do you like best about your character?
“The show does a really good job of reversing the typical roles of males and females, and I think it’s a very complicated, in-depth look at a messy, real relationship. What appealed to me in the beginning is that the female was a little less invested in the relationship. That’s such an interesting take because it’s always the woman who is pining after this guy who is cheating on her. And it wasn’t that. She’s like, ‘No, this is our job, and I’m in love with someone else, and that’s what I get from that.’ And [Matthew Rhys’ character, Philip] was the one who was really sweet and sensitive. But then where we ended the fourth season — and I love that it took four seasons for her to finally have emotions — there was so much jealousy for that character and so much pain in him having true feelings, or whatever it was that he had, for the Martha character. That is such a great arc for a character to get to play that.”

Most helpful thing for getting into character
“One of the most enjoyable parts is the trying on of the wigs and 1980s glasses that we do in the hair and makeup trailers. Almost all of them are really bad, and we just sit and laugh with each other and tell each other how bad we look.”