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Clips from Dark Skies

With just a few days until its release, Dimension Films has unveiled five short clips from the upcoming thriller “Dark Skies.”

“Dark Skies” follows the trials of a normal, happy family, the Barretts, after they are targeted by a malevolent force – which has its own dark plans for them. When strange and bizarre things begin to happen to them, their paranoia and fear begin to isolate them from their friends and loved ones.

When an expert is called in to help, he says he has dealt with similar situations before and that there is no hope for escape; once you have been chosen, it’s too late. With a fighting spirit, they take a stand to defend and save the ones they love, but how can you combat a force you do not understand?

Some of these clips we have seen parts of in the trailer (you can see it HERE), but overall they are just expanding on the creepiness and thrilling nature of the film. The clips set up the beginning of the strange occurrences in the Barrett’s house.

In the first clip, Lacey (Keri Russell) awakens to hear a strange noise in one of her boy’s rooms and goes to investigate only to be startled by a shadowy figure in the dark. But did she just imagine it? The clip is so dark I couldn’t really see a thing, but I have a feeling that it is on purpose and the entire film will tease us by hiding the actual aliens until near the very end.