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  1. Hi Mary,

    I just wanted to let you know that all 5 of Keri’s Corduroy magazine photos are viewable on the photographer’s website (peterashlee.com). Just scroll to the right.

    I saw this magazine in the bookstore today. She looks so beautiful in those dresses!

  2. The article was really short (around a half- page). That’s another reason I didn’t buy the magazine.

    Some of it is on their blog:

    I don’t think much of the information would have been new to big Keri fans. There were some interesting parts, though:

    – Keri said that she’s been lucky that her life/career have turned out exactly as she wanted.

    – The dance scholarships she had as a kid required her to clean the dance studios and bathrooms. (I’m pretty sure that’s from this interview. I read some old interviews with Keri this weekend, so I could be jumbling them up!)

    – Keri says that, although she likes acting, she doesn’t think she’s ambitious enough for Hollywood. She doesn’t sit around plotting her next role, and she is not trying to play “a prostitute with a Czech accent.” If she takes a movie role, it’s because she wants to live in that world for a while.

    – The interviewer said that she was honest about her skill level as an actress. Keri said she does not think of herself as an artist at all; she thinks that what Shane does is art. Although she likes films, she does not think she’s changing the world.

    I think that’s it!

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