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Ask Matt – Various Shows – 22nd April 2013

Question:Is there any hope we’re going to see Philip and Elizabeth reconcile or make up a little on The Americans before this season ends? I’m not looking for all their problems to be worked out, but watching the last few weeks has been such a disappointment. The sexual tension and chemistry between those two was phenomenal the first half of the season. As much as I like the spy work, it’s not as interesting to watch when you completely take out the romance and make them into robots. — Hannah
Matt Roush:I don’t know where the show’s going in the finale (and if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you, this isn’t that sort of column), but I have all kinds of hope that Philip and Elizabeth will continue to try to work things out. The fact that we’re frustrated by their lack of connection and maddeningly bad timing — when one wants to make up, the other misconstrues or has other priorities — is a sign that we care, and that’s a good thing. Elizabeth’s emotional breakthrough in last week’s episode is a positive sign that she will fight as hard for this relationship as she has for her homeland. That’s a major development for this character, and a clear sign that they’re anything but robots. But if you’re expecting a conventional romance here, you’re almost certainly going to be disappointed.