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17 February 2017   No Comments

Rag & Bone’s chief executive and designer Marcus Wainwright has all-but-declared the fashion show dead. This season, instead of trotting out his latest men’s and women’s collections onto a runway, he asked 70 friends of the brand to pose in Rag & Bone for a series of Polaroids and portraits shot by collaborators Glen Luchford and Frank Lebon. Keri and Matthew were among those people.

– Photoshoots Rag & Bone- Autumn 2017

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5×01 – Amber Waves
As Philip and Elizabeth struggle to contain the risks from Paige’s growing relationship with Matthew Beeman, the Centre sends them on an operation unlike any they’ve ever had before, straining their family and marriage to its limits.

5×02 – Pests
Stan and Oleg wrestlewith the harsh consequences of their complicated history, as Philip and Elizabeth face a new mission with devastating implications for their country.

15 February 2017   No Comments

I have added pictures of Keri and Matthew at The Americans press conference that was held on February 12 in NYC.

– Events The Americans press conference – February 12 2017

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“We were all very drunk,” Matthew Rhys said. “And we were like, ‘Yes, yes, of course!’”

“He said there’d be free booze at the party — that’s the only part I remember.”

Matthew Rhys, the Welsh actor currently starring on FX’s “The Americans,” was recounting how he and partner (and costar) Keri Russell came to be featured in Rag & Bone’s fall portrait collection Thursday night — the details of which are, apparently, a tad fuzzy.

Rhys and Russell circled through the gallery space on Tenth Avenue, bottles of Peroni in hand, alongside a press-apprehensive Thom Yorke (who doubled as a DJ for the party), Haley Bennett, Amber Valletta, Joan Smalls, Dylan Penn and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

“Marcus is our neighbor, and our kids go to school together,” Russell said, standing near her portrait. “[We knew him] literally just from the kids at school, from bleary-eyed, unbrushed teeth drop-offs with kids at school. And then someone was like, ‘Oh no, he’s [the Rag & Bone designer].’

“We were are a birthday party and he said, ‘Do you want to do this thing?’” Russell continued. “We were all very drunk,” Rhys clarified. “And we were like, ‘Yes, yes, of course!’”

The two appeared like naturals in their respective portraits — though the Rag & Bone collaboration didn’t stir up any modeling inclinations. “Oh, I signed with Models 1 — was it Models 1? Yes, I’ve got a campaign,” Rhys said dryly. “You’re going to be doing women’s lingerie,” Russell joked, before adding, in sincerity, “No, everyone at the shoot was, like, way cooler than we were.”

Nearby was Emma Sulkowicz, who rose to Internet prominence during her time at Columbia University for her sexual assault awareness performance art piece “Carry That Weight.”

“They told me they were taking pictures of women they admired? It seems like that’s not the theme anymore,” said Sulkowicz with a laugh of her portrait, which was taken the day prior. “And I don’t actually really know what this is — but it was really fun!”

Despite not knowing exactly what the party entailed, the Columbia grad — now a student in the Whitney Museum’s independent study program — was nonetheless enjoying the experience. “It was my first time ever getting photographed, in this kind of situation,” she said. “I’ve never had anyone fuss over my makeup before — on a very fundamental level I think it feels nice. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Rag & Bone aren’t the only ones to reach out to the recent grad. “I got asked to be in this Elle hair thing — they’re doing a thing on people with hair that they like,” she said. “But then they ended up not wanting me anymore. It was very mysterious, they e-mailed my studio e-mail…”

Just past 9:30 p.m., as the party had moved to a neighboring room boasting whiskey and Tacombi tacos, the crowd parted for dancing. Recently exited Elle fashion news director Anne Slowey and the dancer and model known as Lil Buck took to the clearing for a round of Jookin, a dance popularized — at least with this crowd — by Lil Buck. Fashion week: full of surprises.


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New York City was hit with a surprise blizzard on Thursday. But that wasn’t going to stop Keri Russell from attending Rag and Bone’s New York Fashion Week exhibition party on Thursday evening. The 40-year-old Americans actress, who was accompanied by her significant other Matthew Rhys, was sartorially set for the wintry weather.

– Events Rag and Bone exhibition party – February 9 2017

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26 January 2017   Comments Off on The Magic of Ordinary Days DVD Screen Captures

I’ve updated the gallery with screencaptures of Keri in The Magic of Ordinary Days movie. The movie is a Hallmark Hall of Fame production based on a novel of the same name by Ann Howard Creel. It was directed by Brent Shields, produced by Andrew Gottlieb and stars Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich, and Mare Winningham.

The powerful story of one woman’s passion in a world at war.

Olivia Dunne, a studious minister’s daughter who dreams of becoming an archaeologist, never thought that the drama of World War II would affect her quiet life in Denver. But when an exhilarating flirtation reshapes her life, she finds herself in a rural Colorado outpost, married to a man she hardly knows. Overwhelmed by loneliness, Olivia tentatively tries to establish a new life, finding muchneeded friendship and solace in two Japanese American sisters who are living at a nearby internment camp. When Olivia unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a crime and is faced with betrayal, she finally confronts her own yearnings and comes to understand what she truly believes about the nature of trust and love.

– The Magic of Ordinary Days DVD Screen Captures

16 January 2017   Comments Off on The Americans On Set – January 16 2017

Keri and Matthew Rhys are spotted filming nighttime scenes for TV series ‘The Americans’ in Brooklyn NY on January 16.

– The Americans On the Set – January 16 2017

13 January 2017   Comments Off on Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Gush Over Each Other Ahead of ‘The Americans’ Season 5

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were the definition of adorable while promoting the upcoming season of The Americans at FX’s Television Critics Association press day on Thursday.

The co-stars and real-life couple were beamed in via satellite from New York, where they are currently filming the seventh episode of upcoming season, which happens to be directed by Rhys.

When Rhys was asked what it was like to direct his longtime partner on set, he adorably quipped: “I think we’re going into a tunnel���.”

Rhys recalled directing Russell for the first time during the fourth season of The Americans.

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12 January 2017   Comments Off on The Americans: What to Expect in Season 5

Few could have predicted that The Americans the acclaimed drama about two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington, D.C., in the 1980s, would’ve been so relevant in 2017 but yet here we are, no?

As the series approaches its finale — Season 6 next year will be its last — expect to see more of Russia, more of the solidly crafted story and… more cool disguises. What you won’t see? Paige delving too deeply into the dirty business of her parents’ work… at least not right away.

There’s opportunity now, of course, since she now knows what dad Philip (Matthew Rhys) and mom Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) really do for a living. “I never thought it would come to this,” Holly Taylor said at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena Calif., Wednesday. Paige has deeply held beliefs, she said, and “it’s hard for her to jump on the bandwagon of killing people and putting them in a suitcase. We have to play the waiting game.”

With Oleg back in Russia, his status as a privileged member of society will allow the show to to tell stories from there, Joe Weisberg, creator and executive producer said. “For four seasons of the show, we were focused on those characters here in America,” he said; now there’s opportunity to delve into life in the Soviet Union. “We’re going to take it throughout the season,” he said.

Also on deck: more great disguises. Having convincingly transformed into sexy vixens, a janitor, a Vietnam vet and others, Philip and Elizabeth still have other covers to unveil. What might they do next? “A clown?” Rhys joked. Or maybe he wasn’t joking? “There’s a fine balance on the show we have to remain in the realm of this reality. We’re not Mission: Impossible, where there’s prosthetic faces being ripped off.” There’s a thick look book of disguises they’ve pulled off over the seasons, he said, noting that the variation they’ve achieved is incredible. “A clown seems like a natural progression.”

The Americans returns Tuesday March 7 at 10/9c on FX.


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