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TCA Photoshoot

I have added new photoshoot which Keri and Matthew for Television Critics Association.

– Photoshoots 2015 – Television Critics Association

The Americans Season 3 Guide

– Television The Americans Season 3 Guide

The Gotham 60: Influential New Yorkers in Entertainment and Media

Power Couple: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys

She’s been America’s sweetheart since the “Felicity” days. He’s a handsome Welshman with the Richard Burton gene for charisma and charm. Russell and Rhys have scored knockout performances during the past three seasons as a pair of covert Soviet spies in a terribly complicated marriage on FX’s 1980s-set drama “The Americans.” After two years of playing a multitude of characters on the show, love blossomed when the wigs and costumes came off. Russell and Rhys are now often seen out and about in New York with Russell’s young children. And the pair are inseparable at industry events, which can only have FX execs thanking their lucky red stars.


Ulla Johnson – Presentation – Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

Keri attended the Ulla Johnson Presentation Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week on September 10 in New York City.

– Magazine Scans Ulla Johnson – Presentation – Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week > September 10 2015

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Emmy Scans

Keri was on the cover of Emmy magazine and I have added scans to gallery as well as few outtakes.

– Magazine Scans Emmy – Issue 2 2015
– Photoshoots 2015 – Emmy

31st Annual Television Critics Association Awards

On August 8 Keri attended the 31st annual Television Critics Association Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel where The Americans won Outstanding Achievement in Drama.

– Events 31st Annual Television Critics Association Awards – August 8 2015

ContentMode Interview

ou have a pretty full plate of commitments and responsibilities. How do you stay energized?

Caffeine, booze and makeouts. and dancing. But to clarify- dancing around my house, usually alone, usually to my kids dismay.

How do you prepare for days like today (shooting this fashion editorial) when you need to be animated and vibrant? It must be tricky sometimes in your profession to always be “on”. How do you shake off the bad days and blue moods, when you have to perform? (Conversely, how do you go from a buoyant mood to doom and gloom when that is called for?)
Music sometimes helps with a mood ,and hopefully the writing informs the scene. I’m lucky to work with a lot of people right now that really interest and inspire me creatively that helps enormously.

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