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What Scares ‘Dark Skies’ Star Keri Russell?

Do bumps in the night scare Keri Russell? The Dark Skies star is a self-confessed “scaredy cat” and tells ET that despite being jumpy, “There is something thrilling about being scared.”

“I guess I don’t see a lot of scary movies because I get scared so easy, but … going to a scary movie is so fun,” she tells ET. “You know what’s about to happen – it’s terrifying and exciting and good all at once, and it was so fun to go [to this movie] with my girlfriends and they screamed at all the right places.”

In theaters Friday, Dark Skies stars Keri and Josh Hamilton as suburban parents whose safe, secure existence is shattered by a supernatural force. As they witness an escalating series of disturbing events involving their family, skepticism of an abusive household grows around them, and soon they must take matters in their own hands to protect their family and solve the mystery of what is after them.

“Wild imagination helps with [watching] these movies,” adds Keri.

Watch the video to see how the Dark Skies star (who also headlines The Americans on FX) manages to balance work and motherhood. Is there a secret?