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Watch the unaired ‘Clerks’ pilot with Jim Breuer, Keri Russell and a future ‘Justified’ star

Did you know that back in 1995, there was a live-action TV pilot made that was based on the Kevin Smith movie “Clerks”? Oh, yes. And you can watch it here.

The unaired pilot turned the darkly funny Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) into sitcom characters now played by Andrew Lowery (“My Boyfriend’s Back,” “School Ties”) and Jim Breuer ( “Saturday Night Live”), respectively.

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The two clerks were now flanked by a wacky cast of characters that included Keri Russell ( “The Americans”), Bodhi Elfman (“Touch”) and, in a real treat for “Justified” fans, Rick Gomez, who has played AUSA David Vasquez on the FX drama for six seasons.