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‘The Americans’: It Takes a Village to Create Those Undercover Disguises

One of the most fun aspects of The Americans, which premiers its third season on FX this week, is the wide range of wigs, makeup, and wardrobe that goes into creating the disguises that stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys sport as undercover KGB agents Elizabeth and Philip Jennings. Three teams of talented artists work in tandem to create the looks that can, for example, have Elizabeth dressed dowdily as she pretends to be her husband’s sister so that he can marry another woman — it’s all in the spy game, people — or Philip don a scraggly wig and glasses to play “Clark,” the alter ego who married the naïve CIA employee Martha. Yahoo TV spent a day on the set of The Americans in New York recently to document one of the show’s signature transformations, as Russell and Rhys got their Sid and Nancy on. Check out the photos below:

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