Season 2

Season 2 – Episode 01 – Sophomoric
Original Air Date: September 26 1999
Felicity starts her second year at college with a possible new relationship, and the aftermath of her decision to cope with. Elsewhere, housing shortages cause unusual living arrangements.

Season 2 – Episode 02 – The List
Original Air Date: October 3 1999
Ben worries about Felicity’s expectations of him, Sean and Julie throw a party, and Felicity tries unsuccessfully to counsel one of her charges.

Season 2 – Episode 03 – Ancient History
Original Air Date: October 10 1999
Felicity’s decision about her hair leads to even more life changes, Julie looks for an apartment, and Noel takes an art class.

Season 2 – Episode 04 – The Depths
Original Air Date: October 17 1999
A stalled subway train forces Felicity and Julie to confront each other, Noel and Ruby go to an art show, and Ben stands up to a client.

Season 2 – Episode 05 – Crash
Original Air Date: October 24 1999
Noel and Elena become obsessed with a video game, Felicity goes out on a blind date set up by her professor, and Ben is confused by Maggie’s actions.

Season 2 – Episode 06 – The Love Bug
Original Air Date: November 7 1999
Felicity, Ben, and Noel each deal with uncertainties in their individual relationships, and Mono hits campus just in time for mid-terms.

Season 2 – Episode 07 – Getting Lucky
Original Air Date: November 14 1999
A stray dog Felicity picks up on the street impinges on everyone’s lives, and provides her with plenty of excuses for not taking the next step with David.

Season 2 – Episode 08 – Family Affairs
Original Air Date: November 21 1999
Holiday gatherings are difficult for Felicity and Ben. Ben, because he has to work a party given by Maggie’s husband, and Felicity feels pressure from an unexpected family visit and from David.

Season 2 – Episode 09 – Portraits
Original Air Date: December 19 1999
Felicity and Noel struggle against feelings for each other while worrying how their actions will affect their grade, Ruby makes a surprise visit, Julie meets a music producer, and Ben is on short-time to complete a final in American Lit.

Season 2 – Episode 10 – Great Expectations
Original Air Date: January 16 2000
Felicity’s father accepts a position in town, and his never-ending presence begins to grate, Ben reconsiders his decision about Felicity, and Julie begins to doubt the intentions of Erik.

Season 2 – Episode 11 – Help for the Lovelorn
Original Air Date: January 23 2000
This episode, a tribute to The Twilight Zone, follows Felicity as she tries to heal her broken heart and strange doings at The Clinic.

Season 2 – Episode 12 – The Slump
Original Air Date: February 9 2000
Ben and Felicity are forced into counseling for their prank at the pool, Elena gets a new lab partner, and Noel’s argument with Ruby is more serious than he thought.

Season 2 – Episode 13 – Truth or Consequences
Original Air Date: February 13 2000
Felicity and Ben begin a community service assignment.

Season 2 – Episode 14 – True Colors
Original Air Date: February 20 2000
A panicked Noel distances himself from Ruby.

Season 2 – Episode 15 – Things Change
Original Air Date: February 27 2000
Greg is in a bind when a doctor leaves the clinic.

Season 2 – Episode 16 – Revolutions
Original Air Date: April 5 2000
Julie has difficulty sleeping because of nightmares about Zach.

Season 2 – Episode 17 – Docuventary II
Original Air Date: April 12 2000
Sean resumes his documentary film project.

Season 2 – Episode 18 – Party Lines
Original Air Date: April 19 2000
Sean follows Ben and Felicity with his camera and pesters them.

Season 2 – Episode 19 – Running Mates
Original Air Date: APRIL 26 2000
Ben catches Andre defacing Felicity’s campaign posters.

Season 2 – Episode 20 – Ben Was Here
Original Air Date: May 3 2000
Ben waits outside the cabin until he can talk to Felicity alone.

Season 2 – Episode 21 – The Aretha Theory
Original Air Date: May 10 2000
Greg dumps Felicity because she’s still hung up on Ben.

Season 2 – Episode 22 – Final Answer
Original Air Date: May 17 2000
Felicity and Ben try to avoid one another until the end of finals.

Season 2 – Episode 23 – The Biggest Deal There Is
Original Air Date: May 24 2000
Felicity turns down the internship so she can spend the summer with Ben.