Malibu Shores

Character: Chloe Walker
Created by: Aaron Spelling
Other cast: Tony Lucca, Christian Campbell
Premiere date: March 9 1996
Episodes: Appeared in all episodes
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1 hr

The show revolves around two different lifestyles that clashed repeatedly. On one side of the tracks was the wealthy Malibu crowd, and on the other was the more working-class gang of “the Valley”. When Zack from the Valley meets Chloe from the Malibu beachfront, they fall in love; but no one thinks it is a good idea but the two of them. After their “love-at-first-sight” meeting, Zach is transferred to Chloe’s school along with his friends (due to an earthquake). The remainder of the episodes dealt with the clashing of the two groups.


Episode Guide

Season 1 – Episode 01&02 – Pilot
Original Air Date: March 9 1996
Malibu teens clash with their counterparts from L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. The opener centers on the star-crossed romance between Chloe and Zack — which fans flames of anger and jealousy on both sides of the hill.

Season 1 – Episode 03 – New Kids in Town
Original Air Date: March 16 1996
Teddy foolishly risks his life to hang out with the macho guys at school; Chloe gets stood up by Zack, who comforts his ex, Kacey; Kacey’s tough facade crumbles under fierce razzing by her new schoolmates; and Flipper’s older brother pays a surprise visit.

Season 1 – Episode 04 – Against the Wall
Original Air Date: March 23 1996
A popular art teacher chooses Chloe’s design for a sea-wall mural for reasons that have little to do with art; Josh suspects that the play is not the only thing going on between rehearsing thespians Nina and Teddy; Flipper investigates off-beat story ideas for a creative-writing assignment; and the chemistry intensifies between neighbors Marc and Suki.

Season 1 – Episode 05 – The Lie
Original Air Date: March 30 1996
Chloe offers nothing but a chilly reception when her dad shows up unexpectedly at the house, but Josh is taken in by the man’s empty promises. Meanwhile, other circumstances force Josh to take a hard look at himself-and his drinking; and a classmate’s remorse encourages Kacey to reconsider Pacific Coast High.

Season 1 – Episode 06 – Cheating Hearts
Original Air Date: April 6 1996
Zack resorts to extremes to compete in English class; and Kacey covers her shame with puzzling behavior. Elsewhere, while Nina is away with the debate team, a calculating Ashley moves in on Josh; and Flipper goes overboard to get attention.

Season 1 – Episode 07 – The Competitive Edge
Original Air Date: April 13 1996
A competition for class president turns ugly for Zack and Chloe; a waitress helps Josh forget Nina; Ashley can’t please her perfectionist mom.

Season 1 – Episode 08 – The Road Not Taken
Original Air Date: April 20 1996
Mouse gets mixed up with his brother’s gang pals, who make trouble for Mouse and his friends.

Season 1 – Episode 09 – Hotline
Original Air Date: May 25 1996
Chloe baffles Zack by being secretive and pushing him away; and Nina sends the wrong signals to a hunky jock.

Season 1 – Episode 10 – The Fall
Original Air Date: June 1 1996
Chloe reluctantly enters rehab to treat her life-threatening habit; Teddy takes matters into his own hands after learning of Nina’s encounter with Eric.

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