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Today Video

Today Keri was on Today Show. She talks about being a mother and her new film, “ Extraordinary Measures.”

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Leaves of Grass video

You can see some short clips from the movie. On 1:56 you can see keri on it.

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Candids – October 4

Keri Russell, her husband Scott Deary and their son River enjoy a street fair in Brooklyn.

– Candids October 4 2009

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Gallery update

First I would like to appologies for not updating site but I didnt have internet. Anyway now Im back and I uploaded the missing images. On September 14 Keri arrives at the “Leaves of Grass” screening during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival held at the Ryerson Theater and later at the after party. While she was in Tornoto she was spotted out and about and the next day Keri steps out to Starbucks with a male friend, then stops to sign an autograph on September 15 in Toronto.

Out for coffee with friend – September 15 2009
Out and about – September 14 2009
Leaves Of Grass After Party > TIFF September 14 2009
Leaves Of Grass Premiere > TIFF September 14 2009

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Keri on TIFF

Keri is in Toronto to promote her film “Leaves of Grass” during the 34th Toronto International Film Festival. I have added pictures of Keri poses for a portrait session today.

– Film Portraits TIFF September 14 2009