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Latest from TVLine – March 11 2014

Question: Really enjoying this season of The Americans. Any scoop? —Jen
Ausiello: Curiosity may get Paige killed, but her parents won’t be the ones pulling the trigger. Although exec producers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields concede that Phillip and Elizabeth’s nosy daughter poses “a real threat” to her parents’ security, the pair insist mom and dad will never be driven to whack their own child. “As hard as it is for Phillip to put a bullet in the head of an unknown busboy, it would probably be inconceivable for him to do it to his own daughter,” Fields tells TVLine. Actually, it’s not just inconceivable, it’s completely “off the table,” chimes in Weisberg. BONUS SCOOP: Look for Paige to develop an interest in organized religion — something that sends Elizabeth into a tailspin. “It’s [comparable] to her, like, smoking crack on the street corner,” previews Keri Russell. “And it continues up until the finale. It’s the worst possible rebellion.”