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Latest from TVLine – April 9 2013

Question: Does Margo Martindale’s casting in CBS’ Will Arnett pilot mean her Americans handler Claudia is about to get whacked? I hope not. I love the dynamic between her and Elizabeth (Keri Russell). —Julie
Ausiello: From the sounds of it, FX’s espionage thriller isn’t letting the Emmy winner go without a fight. “We love Margo,” says exec producer Joel Fields, before adding (with tongue planted firmly in cheek), “Look, we’re The Americans. We’re spies. And I would never threaten anybody else in the business or at another network, but we love Margo. And Claudia is part of The Americans. So [CBS] can TRY to come after her and put her in another pilot. But they should be aware of the KGB. The KGB is a very powerful organization with a long reach.” Hope that answered your question, Julie!