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Keri Russell spent two hours grunting to voice Wonder Woman

Keri Russell, who voices the title character in the upcoming animated Wonder Woman DVD movie, told SCI FI Wire that the film marked her first venture into voice work and that playing Diana/Wonder Woman fulfilled a childhood ambition.

Russell is part of a voice cast that includes Nathan Fillion as Col. Steve Trevor, Alfred Molina as Ares, Rosario Dawson as Artemis and Virginia Madsen as Hippolyta. The movie was produced by DC animation legend Bruce Timm. SCI FI Wire spoke with Russell about Wonder Woman when she was promoting Bedtime Stories. Following are edited excerpts from that exclusive interview. The Wonder Woman DVD movie drops on March 3.

How did you enjoy doing a voice-over for the Wonder Woman DVD?

Russell: I’d never done that before, and it was so fun. I was completely obsessed with Wonder Woman when I was a kid. I have great photos. I think I must have been 4, in my mom’s homemade Wonder Woman outfit on Halloween. Yes, I am Wonder Woman. I’m living my dream.

And what was it like to do a voice?

Russell: I haven’t seen the full thing, but I did go in and [do her voice and also] do all the grunts and the screams and the kicks. By the way, in Wonder Woman, just the kicks and grunts and punches: two hours.

Was it you alone, or did you get to interact with any of the other voice talent?

Russell: Just alone in a dark studio, kicking and grunting at the top of your lungs. It’s very weird.

Was that all some sort of audition to play Wonder Woman in the proposed live-action movie?

Russell: Ooh, I don’t think so. People have been asking me about that. I don’t know anything about that. So I’m sure that won’t involve me.

But if they asked you, would you be interested?

Russell: I like to read everything, but who knows? We’ll see.