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Keri Russell on Motherhood and Work-Life Balance


The actress, 36, stars as an undercover KGB spy in the 1980s-set drama The Americans (FX, Wednesdays).

You play a spy in the days before the Internet and mobile phones. Could you survive a week without technology?
Definitely! I’m never on my cell phone. I don’t even know why I have one. It’s been fun to go back to this period of time. The actors who play my kids had never seen a rotary phone before!

You’ve taken breaks throughout your career. Why has that been important to you?
I like working hard, but my life outside of my career is equally important to me. Maybe I’m not ambitious enough, but I’m just as interested in my friends and my relationship with my family.

What has been the best change in your life since becoming a mother? [Russell and her husband, Shane Deary, are parents to son River, 5, and daughter Willa, 1.]
You instantly become less selfish. You can’t be the biggest person in the world anymore—they are. It really grounds you.

How do you like to spend your free time?
With my girlfriends, adult beverages, and delicious food!

Online Extra: The star discusses the impact of her hit series Felicity.
It was a really sweet, heartfelt show and it’s funny because the creators were both men in their thirties when they wrote it. I think what people really related to was that time in your life when everything is possible. College is such a monumental time when your path in life is being decided, and it can go so many different ways, and every relationship you’re forming can affect that and I think the show just really captured that.