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Keri Russell Likes ‘The Americans’ Better Than ‘Felicity’

Keri Russell might have recently collaborated with one of the directors behind the show that launched her career, but that doesn’t mean that “Felicity” — or even “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” which was helmed by the show’s creator Matt Reeves — was her favorite work experience.

“[With] ‘Felicity’ I was the main person,” she told MTV News. “That was a real grind. I think because Matt and J.J. [Abrams] had never [produced a show] before, and we were creating a really cinematic show for the olden days… we worked a lot of hours.”

Instead, Russell says that it’s her current, critically acclaimed FX drama “The Americans” that’s fueling her creative fire — and giving her a chance to catch up on some family time.

“What I love about ‘The Americans’ is the 13 episodes, which means I can work really hard for four and a half months, and then be with my kids, or go do a movie, do a play,” she continued, adding that the material itself is also a reason to celebrate (we agree).

“Just the quality of working on cable right now is just the best place to work,” she said. “Especially being an actress — it’s tough right now in movies. There are a few, a handful, that I think are great movies. If you win the lottery and get to be the girl in that movie, you have maybe one good scene. You’re usually someone’s girlfriend, or a mom, worried. My show that I get to do is this really rich, in-depth character, and it’s fun. It’s weird, and all of these different things, not just the supporting girlfriend in one scene.”

Preach, sister.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is in theaters nationwide. “The Americans” will return next year for its third season, and you can probably watch reruns of “Felicity” on Netflix or something.