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Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Dish Details About the Last Scene of The Americans

Goodbyes are hard. Us Weekly chatted with Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys at the red carpet event for FX’s The Americans in New York City on Friday, March 16, where they dished on filming the final scene of the show — and their responses may surprise you.

When asked if filming the was emotional, the 41-year-old actress quipped: “We were mostly just cold. I’m going to be honest.” Her on-and-off screen beau, 43, added, “It was a bad night here. It was freezing. It was snowing. Everyone was like, ‘We just want to get it finished. We don’t care about crying anymore.’”

Though Rhys reveals that “it wasn’t this heroic last scene everyone was expecting,” the duo thinks fans will enjoy. “You hope [fans will love it.] It was always going to be a hard show to tie up, I think,” he told Us. “There are various ways they could have gone with it. They did it incredibly well. I was incredibly satisfied with the way we wrapped it off.”

The two also explained how they’ll definitely miss the folks they worked with daily for the past six seasons. “It was tough. We had a number of [cast and crew] with us for [all] six seasons — saying bye to [them was hard],” Rhys told Us. “It’s a cliche, but it’s true — especially those who had slightly more personal relationship — the boom guys, the camera guys, the focus guys — the grips. You work with them on a physical level. You dance with them a bit. They’re as much a part of it as anything else.”

Russell added: “I think [it’ll be hard to say goodbye to] the crew. We do become sort of a family. Everyone moves on and scatters and does other things. Especially this series – we shoot a lot outside, in New York winter. It’s hard. It’s different than shooting on a stage. You get closer to people. I will miss our camera guys and our grips.”

But the couple, who play spies Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, won’t have to worry about missing each other following the shows end. Russell and Rhys — who have been dating since 2013 — welcomed son Sam in May 2016. “The glory is we will be with each other every day,” Rhys told Us in June 2017.

The Americans airs on FX Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.