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Edward Norton Makes It Hard For Keri Russell Not To Laugh

Get ready for a very funny Edward Norton in the upcoming “Leaves of Grass” feature, to hear costar Keri Russell tell it: “I had a hard time not cracking up in some scenes. I couldn’t control myself.” “Leaves of Grass” is the comedy from Tim Blake Nelson that has Norton playing twins — one an Ivy League classics professor, the other a career criminal with a fondness for pot.

Speaking of Norton, Keri notes, “You expect him to be good, smart and cerebral, but he’s also so much fun in this. Mostly I did scenes with the professor guy, but I did witness both of them. The other guy is so likeable, crazy and wacky — this white trash, backwoods guy who sings songs. He’s so great.”

Another factor that Keri found appealing about “Leaves of Grass” was, “I wasn’t the main character. I got to be in and out of production, which, for a mom, is nice,” says the actress, whose son River is a year and a half old.

River has made scheduling an extremely important issue for Keri, who is currently being opposite Adam Sandler in the Disney hit “Bedtime Stories.” She says she feels lucky in that regard. “I’ve had some nice opportunities. The great thing about film versus an hour television show is that you work really hard for four months, and then you get to be a mom for four months.”