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Early 2013 is getting awfully crowded, horrorwise, with a new addition to the schedule that begs the question: Can a movie really be finished that fast?

Box Office Mojo reports that Dimension Films has set DARK SKIES for release February 22 of next year—which will be a neat trick, considering the movie only went into production in the past month. Switching dates has been par for the course for Dimension, so we’ll see if this one sticks. Produced by the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY/INSIDIOUS team at Blumhouse Productions, DARK SKIES is written and directed by LEGION and PRIEST’s Scott Charles Stewart, and stars Keri Russell (pictured above) and Josh Hamilton as parents trying protect their kids (including REAL STEEL’s Dakota Goyo) from an abduction-minded alien. SPLINTER’s Justin Raleigh is heading up the makeup FX.