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ContentMode Interview

ou have a pretty full plate of commitments and responsibilities. How do you stay energized?

Caffeine, booze and makeouts. and dancing. But to clarify- dancing around my house, usually alone, usually to my kids dismay.

How do you prepare for days like today (shooting this fashion editorial) when you need to be animated and vibrant? It must be tricky sometimes in your profession to always be “on”. How do you shake off the bad days and blue moods, when you have to perform? (Conversely, how do you go from a buoyant mood to doom and gloom when that is called for?)
Music sometimes helps with a mood ,and hopefully the writing informs the scene. I’m lucky to work with a lot of people right now that really interest and inspire me creatively that helps enormously.

Who is someone who can always crack you up?
My 3 year old wolf girl.

Who are your inspirations in real life and in your career?
My friends juggling law and advertising careers and motherhood, overcoming broken hearts, starting businesses, hosting long form article clubs!

Last useful thing you learned?
How to count to ten in welsh.

What is a hobby or skill you have that would surprise people?
I can do the centipede.

What is your best-loved time of day?
Early quiet no one around morning.

You live in Brooklyn? Do you have a most treasured part of the city? Where is the place for the quintessential New York experience?
I’m really still loving Brooklyn, all the restaurants ,bookstores , coffee shops and the people.

What is your favorite thing about your job? Least favorite?
I once had an acting teacher who boiled the craft of acting down to the phrase: “Acting is a state of mind.” He said, “The ideal mentality for an actor is a childlike, innocence. Acting is really just playing pretend.” Something children are naturals at.

You were such a young person when you started working. Do you think this is true? Do you think you have been served in your work by starting young, when you had the simplicity of a child’s mindset- not bogged down by should do’s and goal orientation? Do you employ the same approach to your work now as you did as a kid?
It always comes back to the Mickey Mouse club ..c’mon; pretty rad training. For what I’m not sure, but its just such an amazing part of my history.

You are playing a Russian spy on FX’s, THE AMERICANS. You and your husband are soviet agents living undercover in the suburbs- even your character’s children are unaware. Could you ever keep something like this from your own children? How do does your character justify this type of matriarchal betrayal?
I don’t think she sees it as betrayal at all. I think she sees it as a form of protection, keeping them safe. although, this season, a lot of that is about to change.

Okay. Let’s lighten up. Fashion trend you never want to go away?
Tons of clumpy mascara.

The best item of clothing every girl should have in her closet ?
What ever looks best on her.

Do you own any pieces of fashion you are holding onto for your daughter?
I’m saving all my fancy shoes for her.

What is coming up in your acting or non-acting future? What would you like to see in your future that is not already set?
I just wrapped our third season of The Americans and I’m starting a new film with Matthew McConaughey very soon.‎ I’d like to travel and hunt adventure.