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Ally Sheedy, Keri Russell and Lili Taylor spend the night together

The success of the indie film Waitress was somewhat bittersweet after its writer and director, Adrienne Shelley, had been found murdered in her New York apartment only a few weeks before the film was to show at Sundance. Shelley was a talented and prolific writer, and some of her closest and most well-known friends are gathering to read one of her works in her honor on Nov. 17.

Actresses (and lesbian icons) Lili Taylor and Ally Sheedy will be joined by Waitress stars Keri Russell and and Cheryl Hines in a reading of The O Letters. The proceeds from the event will go to the Adrienne Shelley Foundation, which “supports the work of female actors, directors and writers.” Yeah, that’s something we can definitely get behind.

The best part is that tickets are actually affordable. You can purchase a basic ticket for $25, or if you’re really into Ally Sheedy supporting the foundation, you can go all out with a $10,000 VIP package. Maybe it would help if I mentioned Kristen Bell and Mary-Louise Parker will also be there.

If you can’t get to New York on two weeks’ notice, you can always donate to the cause. Or, if you’re creating some fantastic film work of your own, apply for a grant. You’ll be following in the footsteps of Cynthia Wade, the director of Freeheld.

At least some good can come out of such a tragedy. Despite missing out on more of Shelley’s fantastic wit, we’ll be able to benefit from the foundation and its support of women filmmakers.