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Congratulations to Keri and Matthew for their Emmy nomination

The 69th annual Emmy Awards were announced today and both Keri and Matthew Rhys were nominated. The Emmy Awards, hosted by Stephen Colbert, will air live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 5 p.m. PT. on CBS.

Drama Actress
Viola Davis (“How to Get Away with Murder”)
Claire Foy (“The Crown”)
Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)
Keri Russell (“The Americans”)
Evan Rachel Wood (“Westworld”)
Robin Wright (“House of Cards”)

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Why Keri Russell is very grateful for The Americans changing her life

When Keri Russell started on The Americans in 2013, she had no idea how much it would change her entire life.

“It’s all been good change, and I’m very, very grateful for it,” the actress, 41, says in this week’s issue of PEOPLE. Of course, she’s referring not only to her success in the Emmy-nominated role but also to gaining a partner in costar Matthew Rhys, 42, with whom she has a son, Sam, 1. (She’s also mom to River, 10, and Willa, 5, from her previous marriage.) “It’s been a wild, crazy run of a show.”

And the show that brought her a new love, a new child and a new outlook on life — “this summer feels like the Summer of Yes!” she says of her overall optimistic attitude — is wrapping up soon. She will start shooting the sixth and final season in October.

“It will be sad, but it feels kind of right too,” says Russell of The Americans ending after next season. “The hardest thing would be watching something that is so creative and well thought out to become played out. It feels like the right time to get out while it’s good, and I feel like they have a real solid last season of storylines. I feel like it’s the right time.”

She’ll also miss working alongside Rhys. “That brings its own complications — as anyone who works with a partner experiences — but I think I’ll miss it, too. There’s something so great about having someone so close for funny moments or really hard moments or really mundane moments, like ‘Can you pick up laundry soap on your way home because we’re out?’ or ‘We’re out of milk.’ ”

So, before returning to film the show’s final season this fall, Russell is taking the summer to “rest and be with my kids, so I can go back and be awake and present for the last few episodes of the show,” she says. “It’s been life-changing to me in many, many ways that show, and I just want to enjoy it. I want to really relish those last few moments of it.”

That means her summer is filled with date nights with Rhys, which “usually involve riding our bikes and cold beer,” short trips upstate and to the Hamptons (she recently journeyed to the summer enclave to host a dinner with Saks Fifth Avenue), as well as a two-week trip to Wales to visit Rhys’ family “and introduce the baby around.” Especially because he’s growing so quickly: “He’s like a no-neck rugby player,” says Russell (Rhys is a notorious fan of the sport). “He’s like a tank!”

Other than that, “we’re just hanging around, enjoying summer in the city,” she says. “We’re mellow. We really love our home in Brooklyn, even when it’s hot and sweaty.”


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Keri Russell Has Zero Regrets About the Infamous Felicity Haircut: “I’m Really Glad They Did It”

Though she’s mostly well known for Felicity and the critical darling The Americans, Keri Russell has a long list of credits that stretches back to the Mickey Mouse Club. When she was 17, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera were just coming on the show as cast members. That Disney show was her first big break before the series that has cemented her status in the pop culture firmament, and arguably shaped her career. Russell played Felicity Porter, an idealistic high school student as she’s making her way to college. When she cut her hair, it caused a national uproar. But Russell says she’s got no regrets. “I did not expect all the hysteria,” she says. “I feel like it was so the right move and I’m really glad they did it.” Russell won her first Golden Globe for the show—which was created by Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams, who would later cast the actress in Mission Impossible III—and was nominated earlier this year for her acclaimed spy series The Americans, which is coming to a close next year, a conclusion she’s slowly coming to terms with.”It will have been six years and I just feel like they have a really good ending,” she says.
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Keri Russell Says Riding a Bike in High Heels Is Her Favorite Summer Activity

Sneakers, schmeakers! When it comes to riding a bike, Keri Russell prefers stilettos instead.

“I feel extra summery being on my bike in high heels,” The Americans star, 41, told PeopleStyle after co-hosting the Saks Fifth Avenue & Vogue ‘Kick Off the Summer’ dinner at EMP Summer House in East Hampton, N.Y. last night. “It feels very over-the-top decadent somehow.”

And it’s something the mother of three — to River, 10, Willa, 5 (from her former relationship with carpenter Shane Deary) and Sam, 1 (with her Americans co-star and partner Matthew Rhys) — loves doing all summer long, especially when going out with Rhys.

“[Date night] usually involves night bike-riding, and these days, high heels,” she says. “I just love dressing up. When I was younger, I drove a pickup truck and I wanted to wear boots and jeans everywhere, and as you get older, you’re like, ‘Being a girl is fun.’”

Therefore, it’s no surprise she chose a pair of ankle-tie heels to complete her girly Johanna Ortiz top and ruffle skirt look while hosting the dinner in the Hamptons last night. “I’ve just been so entranced by Johanna Ortiz and what she’s doing lately,” says Russell. “She’s just so fun and it feels so feminine, and so I asked if I could borrow something from her new collection.”

Russell credits costume designer Frank Fleming for helping her choose the two-piece combination. “I met him on a film years and years ago, and now he helps me as a favor as a stylist,” she says. “I kind of have an idea of what I want and then Frank makes it better, always. He always leads me down the right path.”

Her transition from a tomboy to feminine style isn’t the only major change she’s made in her 40s. The former poster girl for curly hair — Felicity Porter for life — is now obsessed with Keratin hair treatments. “I get it once or twice a year and it’s a dream come true,” she says. “It’s everything to a curly haired girl, because you don’t have to blow it out, you don’t have to do all these things to it — nothing. It can be wet and you can walk out the door and it looks good.”

And it especially comes in handy being a busy mom: “It’s a life-changer, and a time-saver,” she says. “There’s no time to brush your teeth, let alone blow dry your hair!”


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Can Keri Russell spy a victory against Elisabeth Moss & Claire Foy?

In the red-hot race for Best Drama Actress, most of Gold Derby’s Emmy experts are split between Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and Claire Foy (“The Crown”). However, one expert — Kerr Lordygan (Rotten Tomatoes) — goes rogue in predicting that Keri Russell will win for her long-running character of Elizabeth Jennings on FX’s Russian spy drama “The Americans.” It took four years for Emmy voters to nominate Russell, Matthew Rhys and “The Americans” in the drama races, and now increased buzz and attention could bring Russell her first victory.

In Russell’s favor is the fact that she’s constantly going undercover as Elizabeth, so she gets to play many different versions of the same character. That’s like catnip to Emmy voters, who love seeing performers show their range and versatility. Just last year fan favorite Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”) won for playing multiple clones, with different looks, accents and personalities. With Maslany out of contention this year, might Russell benefit? Eighteen of our 20 experts think that Russell will at least be nominated, though only Lordygan forecasts that she’ll win.


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Saks Fifth Avenue & Vogue Kick Off the Summer with Keri Russell

Saks Fifth Ave and Vogue teamed up to throw the chicest party of the summer yet at EMP Summer House on Thursday. Aperol spritzes flowed as guests showed off their summer cocktail best at East Hampton’s hottest new spot. Keri Russell, who helped host, was joined by newlyweds Brendan Fallis and Hannah Bronfman, as well as director, Darren Aronofsky.

Lobster rolls, oysters, and more kept guests going before the four course meal prepared by the Eleven Madison Park pop-up team. The beautifully decorated dining room hosted a night full of conversation and good eats.

– Events Saks Fifth Avenue & Vogue Kick Off the Summer – July 6 2017

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Events update Part 1

I have been working on events in our gallery. Today I have been able to replace MQ for HQs pictures and added much more to each events. So please check them out. Keri looks lovely with long and curly hair.

– Events Sheenway School Honors Maxine Walters > August 6 1994
– Events 10th Carousel of Hope Ball to Benefit Juvenile Diabetes > October 28 1994
– Events Phenomenon Los Anegles Premiere > June 28 1996
– Events Felicity Press Conference – October 1998 NEW
– Events WB All Star Party > July 25 1998
– Events American History X Premiere – October 26 1998 NEW
– Events Shine Media Awards > November 4 1998

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Actors Who Prove that Television Has Never Been Hotter

Keri is featured in W magazine August issue. I have added outtake from this photoshoot to gallery.

“The Americans mostly takes place in the ’80s, during the Cold War. Anytime you’re wearing clothes that are unlike yours, it just heightens the moment. When I wear heels and silk shirts, slacks and blouses, it makes me feel like an adult. On the show, I wear a cat eye with black eyeliner, and it makes me feel like a panther. It’s so unlike me as Keri—this tired mom in flip-flops and jeans. And I love that transformation.”
Russell wears a Michael Kors Collection top; Philosophy briefs; Manolo Blahnik shoes; Louis Vuitton bracelet.

– Photoshoots W – August 2017