Season 1

Season 1 – Episode 01 – Pilot
Original Air Date: September 29 1998
Episode Screencaptures
A high-school graduate makes a momentous decision that puts her life on a much different track than either she or her parents envisioned.

Season 1 – Episode 02 – The Last Stand
Original Air Date: October 6 1998
Episode Screencaptures
Felicity’s parents linger in New York trying to understand her decision, Noel deals with a potentially homicidal student, and Ben receives a note from Felicity.

Season 1 – Episode 03 – Hot Objects
Original Air Date: October 13 1998
Episode Screencaptures
It’s Felicity’s first college party, and she tries to work up the courage to ask someone to go with her. Ben gets stuck in an acting class, and Noel has concerns about his party suppliers.

Season 1 – Episode 04 – Boggled
Original Air Date: October 20 1998
Episode Screencaptures
A game of Boggle gets complicated, Ben faces defeat, and a refrigerator comes to represent much more than an appliance.

Season 1 – Episode 05 – Spooked
Original Air Date: October 27 1998
Episode Screencaptures
A frightening experience pulls Ben and Felicity together, but then pushes them apart.

Season 1 – Episode 06 – Cheating
Original Air Date: November 3 1998
Episode Screencaptures
An attempt to help Ben, puts both his and Felicity’s college career at risk, the Tin Man pursues Elena, and Julie worries about impressing her boyfriend.

Season 1 – Episode 07 – Drawing the Line: Part 1
Original Air Date: November 10 1998
Episode Screencaptures
Ben is having a hard time forgiving Felicity, and her distress causes her to abuse her friendship with Noel; Elena may have to leave school, and Julie’s boyfriend is moving too fast.

Season 1 – Episode 08 – Drawing the Line: Part 2
Original Air Date: November 17 1998
Episode Screencaptures
Julie has to come to terms with what happened, but Felicity may be hindering the process. Meanwhile, a high school student is visiting, but the only thing on her mind is partying.

Season 1 – Episode 09 – Thanksgiving
Original Air Date: November 24 1998
Episode Screencaptures
Thanksgiving vacation brings about a separation of the friends – or does it?

Season 1 – Episode 10 – Finally
Original Air Date: December 15 1998
Episode Screencaptures
Felicity and Noel try to delay determining their relationship until after finals, and Ben begins a new relationship.

Season 1 – Episode 11 – Gimme an O!
Original Air Date: January 19 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Back from Christmas vacation, Felicity propositions Noel, but a fire and other impediments may doom the plans.

Season 1 – Episode 12 – Friends
Original Air Date: January 26 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Noel must run the gauntlet of Sensa’s family to fix a vending machine problem, Julie gets information about her biological mother, and Felicity weighs whether to tell a friend of an infidelity.

Season 1 – Episode 13 – Todd Mulcahy: Part 1
Original Air Date: February 9 1999
Episode Screencaptures
An old friend of Felicity’s comes to visit, Elena is forced to deal with Blair, and Julie makes a risky decision.

Season 1 – Episode 14 – Todd Mulcahy: Part 2
Original Air Date: February 16 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Tragedy causes Felicity to remember how it was, and Julie mails her tape – which she immediately regrets.

Season 1 – Episode 15 – Love and Marriage
Original Air Date: February 23 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Noel’s brother comes to town with surprising news, Felicity agrees to a proposal with Javier, and Ben wrestles with trying out for another sport.

Season 1 – Episode 16 – The Fugue
Original Air Date: March 2 1999
Episode Screencaptures
The reappearance of Hanna in New York has unexpected repercussions for Noel and Felicity, and Ben bonds with his team.

Season 1 – Episode 17 – Assassins
Original Air Date: April 20 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Felicity and Noel deal with repercussions of their respective evenings, a game of ‘Assassins’ puts Elena in overdrive, and Ben neglects Julie.

Season 1 – Episode 18 – Happy Birthday
Original Air Date: April 27 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Noel’s distress over Felicity causes him to start apartment hunting, Ben picks up a bad habit, and Julie’s mother reappears.

Season 1 – Episode 19 – Docuventary
Original Air Date: May 4 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Sean’s film of student life ends up focusing on Felicity and Noel, and he gets some surprising footage.

Season 1 – Episode 20 – Connections
Original Air Date: May 11 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Ben’s financial problems cause him to do stupid things, Noel and Felicity explore being “just friends,” and Elena starts a relationship.

Season 1 – Episode 21 – The Force
Original Air Date: May 18 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Meghan’s spells wreak havoc with Felicity’s life.

Season 1 – Episode 22 – Felicity Was Here
Original Air Date: May 25 1999
Episode Screencaptures
Felicity has to make a choice, and Julie’s heart is broken.