Grimm Love

Character: Katie Armstrong
Directed by: Martin Weisz
Written by: T.S. Faull
Other cast: Thomas Kretschmann, Thomas Huber, Marcus Lucas, Angelika Bartsch
Release date: 14 March 2007
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror
Running time: 1h 27min

American student Katie Armstrong becomes fascinated with the story of the German cannibal Oliver Hartwin who made a pact with Simon Grombeck to eat his flesh. She travels to Germany to write a thesis on Hartwin and Grombeck. As Katie delves into the two men’s pasts, she uncovers how both were deeply lonely as a result of their respective childhoods. Both met on an internet bulletin board after Simon responded to Oliver’s posting, seeking someone to devour. In this, Simon saw that he could fulfil a lifelong fantasy of having his penis bitten off and his flesh devoured by another. The two finally met to put the fantasy into action.