Extraordinary Measures

Character: Aileen Crowley
Directed by: Tom Vaughan
Written by: Robert Nelson Jacobs, Geeta Anand
Other cast: Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford
Release date: 22 January 2010
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 46min

Working-class father John Crowley is finally on the fast track to corporate success when his two young children, Megan and Patrick, are diagnosed with Pompe disease -- a condition that prevents the body from breaking down sugar. In time, it disables the heart and the muscles, ultimately resulting in death. With the support of his wife, Aileen, John ditches his career and teams with unconventional specialist Dr. Robert Stonehill to found a bio-tech company and develop a cure in time to save the lives of Megan and Patrick. As Dr. Stonehill works tirelessly to prove the theories that made him the black sheep of the medical community, a powerful bond is forged between the two unlikely allies. Still, their greatest struggle is yet to come.