Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between” Costume Institute Gala

Keri and Matthew Rhys showed up at the Met Gala in opposite outfits: him in a dress and her in a pantsuit. Rhys donned long socks and buckled shoes with a knee-length suit jacket over his shirt and tie. Russell, meanwhile, rocked a black morning coat, tuxedo pants with a red stripe by rag & bone and black-and-white heels with dramatic eye makeup.

– Events The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit – May 1 2017

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The Americans: 5×10 – Darkroom & 5×11 – Dyatkovo Press Release

5×10 – Darkroom

Paige’s snooping leads Philip and Elizabeth to make a choice that could shift the balance of their lives forever. Stan and Aderholt’s recruitment of Sofia suddenly bears fruit.

5×11 – Dyatkovo

A surprise assignment from the Centre divides Philip and Elizabeth, forcing them into a moment of profound crisis. Stan gives Henry a tour of the FBI ?? but will he see too much?

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Keri Russell to attend star-studded College Signing Day event for MTV

As announced on Wednesday, MTV will host and livestream a star-studded event at The Public Theater in New York City on May 5. Michelle Obama, Andy Cohen, Billy Eichner, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, iJustine, The Americans stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, Michael B. Jordan, Neil Patrick Harris, Nick Cannon, Questlove, and Zoe Kravitz are among those scheduled to appear, along with more than 200 students from NYC high schools.

“One of the greatest honors of my life was serving as your first lady, and one of my greatest joys is hearing the stories of young people like you pursuing your dreams through education,” Obama says in the video announcement above. “I love hearing about how you’ve challenged yourself, how you’ve overcome obstacles. You are working to create a life that you can be proud of and I want you to know that I’m rooting for you every step of the way. Trust me, you’ve got this.”

College Signing Day celebrates high school seniors pursuing higher studies, whether through a four-year university, community college, or professional training program. Obama supported the day in the past by hosting similar events in Harlem (2016), Detroit (2015), and San Antonio (2014) as part of her Reach Higher initiative through the White House.

More than 1,000 events will be held simultaneously across the country for this year’s College Signing Day. In the video, Obama encourages graduating seniors to post selfies with their college gear with the hashtag #CollegeSigningDay for May 5.


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The Americans recap: ‘Immersion’

Last week’s episode of The Americans is tough to top. It was the best of the season, and led to a new theory about how Oleg Burov may fit into the overall Elizabeth/Philip puzzle.

This one has more tension than some previous episodes, but it returns to place-setting for action that may take place in the final episodes of the season.

Philip returns home after learning about his father, who was a guard at a brutal prison camp. Gabriel said goodbye by informing him that maybe recruiting Paige was not a great idea.

She has been staring across the street at Matthew’s house after breaking up with FBI Jr., and Philip tells Elizabeth he questioned Gabriel about Stan Beeman’s new girlfriend, Renee. Is she a KGB operative, sent to get close to the counterintelligence officer?

(SIDE NOTE: I may have a new piece of evidence to back up that theory, but that will wait until the end of this recap, since she wasn’t even featured in this episode.)

Gabriel said he didn’t believe she was, then suggested Philip was losing it.
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