The Americans

Character: Elizabeth Jennings
Premiered: January 30 2013

Genre: Thriller/ Drama
Network: FX
Matthew Rhys as Phillip Jennings
Noah Emmerich as FBI Agent
Maximiliano Hernández as Agent Chris Amador


Show summary
The Americans is a period drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President. The arranged marriage of Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell), who have two children – 13-year-old Paige (Holly Taylor) and 10-year-old Henry (Keidrich Sellati), who know nothing about their parents’ true identity – grows more passionate and genuine by the day, but is constantly tested by the escalation of the Cold War and the intimate, dangerous and darkly funny relationships they must maintain with a network of spies and informants under their control. Complicating their relationship further is Philip’s growing sense of affinity for America’s values and way of life. Tensions also heighten upon the arrival of a new neighbor, Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich), an FBI agent. Stan and his partner, Agent Chris Amador (Maximiliano Hernández), are members of a new division of Counterintelligence tasked with fighting against foreign agents on U.S. soil, including KGB Directorate S illegals, Russian spies posing as Americans.


SEASON 1 (2013)
Season 1 – Episode 01 – Pilot
Original Air Date: January 30 2013
The Americans is a period drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President. The arranged marriage of Philip and Elizabeth Jennings grows more passionate and genuine by the day, but is constantly tested by the escalation of the Cold War. Tensions heighten upon the arrival of a new neighbor, Stan Beeman, an FBI agent.

Season 1 – Episode 02 – The Clock
Original Air Date: February 6 2013
When Philip and Elizabeth are given an urgent task to plant a bug in Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s office, they risk exposure when an unwilling maid of the Weinberger home refuses to cooperate. Stan closes in on a member of the Soviet Rezidentura in an effort to uncover the identities of deep cover Directorate S operatives.

Season 1 – Episode 03 – Gregory
Original Air Date: February 13 2013
Philip and Elizabeth discover that their murdered colleague Robert had a wife they never knew about. As they try to determine what she knows and where her allegiance lies, Stan’s investigation into Robert’s death puts him hot on their trail.

Season 1 – Episode 04 – In Control
Original Air Date: February 20 2013
When an assassin attempts to kill President Reagan, Philip and Elizabeth scramble to handle the fallout within the KGB. Meanwhile, Stan pressures his source within the Rezidentura to find out if the KGB was responsible for the attempted assassination.

Season 1 – Episode 05 – COMINT
Original Air Date: February 27 2013
A crucial agent crumbles under emotional distress and threatens to topple a valuable network of KGB informants. Professionally, Philip and Elizabeth are tasked with infiltrating the FBI’s new communications encryption system while personally they are forced to grapple with one of the darker aspects of life as a spy.

Season 1 – Episode 06 – Trust Me
Original Air Date: March 6 2013
A mole hunt within the KGB causes suspicion amongst allies and shatters trust within the Jennings’ marriage. Meanwhile, Stan’s plan to keep his mole safe puts her at even greater risk of discovery.

Season 1 – Episode 07 – Duty and Honor
Original Air Date: March 13 2013
Philip and Elizabeth’s troubled marriage is further tested when a mission to discredit a Polish pro-democracy leader reunites Philip with his old flame.

Season 1 – Episode 08 – Mutually Assured Destruction
Original Air Date: March 20 2013
Philip and Elizabeth must stop an assassin from taking out key US scientists, while Stan and the FBI hunt the same man. Grannie shocks Elizabeth with the truth of what happened between Philip and Irina in New York.

Season 1 – Episode 09 – Safe House
Original Air Date: April 3 2013
Philip and Elizabeth are put to the test when a routine mission goes horribly wrong. Stan and the FBI are pushed to their limit when one of their own goes missing.

Season 1 – Episode 10 – Only You
Original Air Date: April 10 2013
Stan pursues a lead that puts him on the trail to one of Gregory’s crew members, closing the gap between him and Elizabeth, and reigniting some of the deepest conflicts between her and Philip.

Season 1 – Episode 11 – Covert War
Original Air Date: April 17 2013
Events in Moscow strike a personal chord for Elizabeth, leading her to take on a dangerous mission she can’t complete without Philip’s help, and placing the couple on a collision course with both Grannie and the FBI.

Season 1 – Episode 12 – The Oath
Original Air Date: April 24 2013
One of Elizabeth’s agents has key intel for sale, but she and Philip find themselves taking increasingly greater risks for what could well be a set-up. Meanwhile, Stan’s pursuit of Directorate S suddenly begins to yield unexpected results.

Season 1 – Episode 13 – The Colonel
Original Air Date: May 1 2013
When Philip and Elizabeth are ordered to go through with a meeting that could potentially be a set-up, they find themselves confronted with unexpected truths about their relationship. Stan’s investigation puts him and the FBI even closer to Philip and Elizabeth.

SEASON 2 (2014)
Season 2 – Episode 01 – Comrades
Original Air Date: February 26 2014
Elizabeth comes back from her injury and straight into what should have been a routine mission – but it goes awry, leaving her and Philip in fear not only for themselves but for their whole network… and family. Paige’s suspicions have only grown in her mother’s absence. Meanwhile, Stan continues to fall for the Russian agent who has started to play him.

Season 2 – Episode 02 – Cardinal
Original Air Date: March 5 2014
As Philip investigates the fallout from the last operation, Elizabeth sticks close to home, concerned for her family until she gets a mysterious distress signal. Meanwhile, a walk-in arrives at the Rezidentura – providing both Nina and Stan with unique opportunities.

Season 2 – Episode 03 – The Walk In
Original Air Date: March 12 2014
Philip and Elizabeth complete their next mission – but not without complications – and Philip’s fears about Elizabeth’s readiness for action deepen. Stan tracks the KGB walk-in which leads to much praise at work and a deepening of his attachment to, and dependence on, Nina. Meanwhile, Paige snoops into her mother’s family background and Oleg begins to scrutinize Nina’s secret operation.

Season 2 – Episode 04 – A Little Night Music
Original Air Date: March 19 2014
Just when Philip and Elizabeth think they have a quiet road ahead, an old friend returns to complicate things. Not only do they have to intercept a target who could prove valuable to the Soviet Union, but they also have to take on an important rogue mission without the support of the Centre. Divisions inside the Rezidentura deepen between Oleg and Arkady and there’s an upheaval at the FBI as the chickens come home to roost for Agent Gaad. Meanwhile, Martha’s frustrations threaten to blow Philip’s cover.

Season 2 – Episode 05 – The Deal
Original Air Date: March 26 2014
Philip and Elizabeth are finally assigned a new handler as Philip works to clean up the mess of the last operation and Elizabeth, in disguise as Clark’s sister Jennifer, does her best to smooth things over with Martha. As Stan searches for a missing scientist, Oleg and Arkady continue to argue over how best to handle the situation on their side, leaving Nina once again caught between the FBI and KGB.

Season 2 – Episode 06 – Behind the Red Door
Original Air Date: April 2 2014
A dangerous Naval officer becomes the key to Philip and Elizabeth’s mission as well as a potential threat to their family’s safety. Lucia, a Sandinista intelligence officer working with the Jennings, is tasked with getting Elizabeth access to Capitol Hill. Stan struggles with the potential costs of protecting Nina.

Season 2 – Episode 07 – Arpanet
Original Air Date: April 9 2014
Philip uses his agent Charles Duluth to help him gain access to an early precursor to the Internet so that the KGB can bug American government communications. Nina faces the threat of a potential FBI polygraph exam, bringing her closer to KGB colleague Oleg.

Season 2 – Episode 08 – New Car
Original Air Date: April 16 2014
Philip and Elizabeth both find themselves faced with painful turns in their various missions. Stan fights to gain access to an American military program that could give him the upper hand in his battle of wills with Oleg.

Season 2 – Episode 09 – Martial Eagle
Original Air Date: April 23 2014
Philip and Elizabeth’s long-planned mission turns ugly, impacting each of them in different ways. Stan digs in deeper at work as his personal life continues to unravel.

Season 2 – Episode 10 – Yousaf
Original Air Date: April 30 2014
A new mission with international stakes has Philip calling on Annelise for assistance just as an old foe returns to D.C. with a vendetta. Stan makes a discovery that could put the FBI hot on the trail of Illegals.

Season 2 – Episode 11 – Stealth
Original Air Date: May 7 2014
Elizabeth makes a shocking discovery about Kate. Philip pursues a contact for information about stealth. Stan continues his pursuit of the illegals.

Season 2 – Episode 12 – Operation Chronicle
Original Air Date: May 14 2014
With Larrick closing in, Elizabeth rushes to exfiltrate Jared while Philip readies Fred for a crucial mission. Arkady finally plays his hand, forcing Stan to make an impossible choice.

Season 2 – Episode 13 – Echo
Original Air Date: May 21 2014
No one is safe as Philip and Elizabeth evacuate their children while trying to complete the mission. Stan holds Nina’s future in his hands.

SEASON 3 (2015)
Season 3 – Episode 01 – EST Men
Original Air Date: January 28 2015
Tensions simmer between Philip and Elizabeth as they disagree over handling orders from the Centre. When Elizabeth loses key intel, Philip enlists Annelise on a mission with an unexpected outcome. Stan tries a new approach to mending his marriage with Sandra amidst learning tough news about Nina.

Season 3 – Episode 02 – Baggage
Original Air Date:February 4 2015
Elizabeth and Philip come together to deal with a mission gone wrong but struggle to reconcile their increasingly opposing ideologies. Stan welcomes a Soviet defector, Zinaida, to America. Nina acclimates to her new living arrangements.

Season 3 – Episode 03 – Open House
Original Air Date:February 11 2015
Danger mounts for Elizabeth and Philip as they get closer to the inner circle of the C.I.A. Afghan Group. Stan monitors Zinaida. Agent Aderholt challenges Agent Gaad on a crucial operation. Arkady tasks Oleg and Tatiana with gathering high–‐level intel. Martha proposes a lifestyle change to

Season 3 – Episode 04 – Dimebag
Original Air Date:February 18 2015
Philip faces a moral dilemma while developing an asset. Philip and Elizabeth’s friction escalates. Stan develops a theory with serious repercussions for national security. Paige makes a surprising birthday wish.

Season 3 – Episode 05 – Salang Pass
Original Air Date:February 25 2015
Philip juggles the many women in his life while Elizabeth takes drastic measures to complete a mission. Stan asserts a plan to save Nina with an unlikely ally.

Season 3 – Episode 06 – Born Again
Original Air Date:March 4 2015
Gabriel has surprising information. Elizabeth begins to take family matters into her own hands. Stan receives upsetting news from his past and turns to Sandra for support.

Season 3 – Episode 07 – Walter Taffet
Original Air Date:March 11 2015
Philip and Elizabeth feel the weight of a new family secret while following up on the KGB’s interests in South Africa. Stan faces struggles both at work and at home. Martha confronts a shocking development.

Season 3 – Episode 08 – Divestment
Original Air Date:March 18 2015
Martha and Clark’s marriage meets its most challenging test yet. As pressures on Philip intensify, Elizabeth turns to Gabriel with a difficult request. Nina receives a new assignment that reconnects her with her past.

Season 3 – Episode 09 – Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?
Original Air Date:March 25 2015
Philip and Elizabeth struggle with the gravity of unexpected collateral damage. Stan and Oleg hatch a risky plan to help save Nina.

Season 3 – Episode 10 – Stingers
Original Air Date:April 1 2015
Philip and Elizabeth deploy a plan for the C.I.A.’s Mujahideen visitors. Tensions at the Jennings’ home escalate.

Season 3 – Episode 11 – One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov
Original Air Date:April 8 2015
Philip and Elizabeth’s home and work lives collide in new and dangerous ways. Nina struggles to figure out her next steps. Arkady assigns Oleg and Tatiana to an operation with uncertain potential.

Season 3 – Episode 12 – I Am Abassin Zadran
Original Air Date:April 15 2015
Martha hosts an unexpected guest. Philip and Elizabeth must work a formidable Mujahideen commander. Paige acts out.

Season 3 – Episode 13 – One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov
Original Air Date:April 22 2015
Elizabeth and Paige take a trip that lands them in treacherous territory. After an emotionally charged mission, Philip turns to an unlikely source for solace. Stan’s plan to save Nina culminates in unforeseen ways.

Season 4 – Episode 01 – Glanders
Original Air Date:March 16 2016
Picking up on the heels of last season’s finale, the season 4 premiere of The Americans sees Philip and Elizabeth dealing with the fallout of all they’ve wrought. What will happen when the FBI finds out about Gene’s suicide? How will Pastor Tim deal with the revelation that they are Russian spies? And will they be able to handle a dangerous, new bioweapons assignment?

Season 4 – Episode 02 – Pastor Tim
Original Air Date:March 23 2016
Philip tries with increasing desperation to get rid of a sensitive and dangerous package as family tensions in the Jennings House reach a boiling point when Paige shares a secret of her own.

Season 4 – Episode 03 – Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow
Original Air Date:March 30 2016
Elizabeth struggle to contain their cover without destroying their daughter.

Season 4 – Episode 04 – Chloramphenicol
Original Air Date:April 6 2016
A devastating flaw during a mission forces Philip, Elizabeth, William and Gabriel to confront the depths of their patriotism… and their mortality. In Russia, in striving to be a better person, has Nina put her life on the line?

Season 4 – Episode 05 – Clark’s Place
Original Air Date:April 13 2016
Philip must consider his life with Martha and make a crushing choice from which there is no coming back.

Season 4 – Episode 06 – The Rat
Original Air Date:April 20 2016
Martha must finally face the truth she has denied – and her life may never be the same. Plus, a chilling new development in William’s work forces the Jennings to face the realities of what a biological war would mean.

Season 4 – Episode 07 – Travel Agents
Original Air Date:April 27 2016
The KGB andthe FBI both race to track down a vital agent… everything is at stake.

Season 4 – Episode 08 – The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears
Original Air Date:May 4 2016
The Jennings’s approach their breaking points as both Philip and Elizabeth must handle loyal agents. Will they make it through with their patriotism – and sanity – intact?

Season 4 – Episode 09 – The Day After
Original Air Date:May 11 2016
The Day After premieres, making the stakes – and terrible consequences – of the Cold War plain. Even with that in mind, will Elizabeth be able to complete the painful process of the “Patty” operation?

Season 4 – Episode 10 – Munchkins
Original Air Date:May 18 2016
When Paige’s long-ago indiscretion threatens to resurface and destroy the family, Philip and Elizabeth find themselves scrambling – and Paige finds herself reevaluating who her parents really are.

Season 4 – Episode 11 – Dinner for Seven
Original Air Date:May 25 2016
Elizabeth completes the last steps of a very personal operation… but at what cost?

Season 4 – Episode 12 – A Roy Rogers in Franconia
Original Air Date:June 1 2016
As Paige deals with last episode’s trauma, she sees her mother in a new light… and finds she has inherited some of her parents’ skills.

Season 4 – Episode 13 – Persona Non Grata
Original Air Date:June 8 2016
The explosive season finale of The Americans finds Philip and Elizabeth in a high-stakes race against the FBI to recover a hazardous package. Will they get there in time? And will Paige follow her parents into the family business?

Season 5 – Episode 01 – Amber Waves
Original Air Date:March 7 2017
As Philip and Elizabeth struggle to contain the risks from Paige’s growing relationship with Matthew Beeman, the Centre sends them on an operation unlike any they’ve ever had before, straining their family and marriage to its limits.

Season 5 – Episode 02 – Pests
Original Air Date:March 14 2017
Stan and Oleg wrestlewith the harsh consequences of their complicated history, as Philip and Elizabeth face a new mission with devastating implications for their country.

Season 5 – Episode 03 – The Midges
Original Air Date:March 21 2017
Philip and Elizabeth tell Paige more about the family business, but pressing new questions arise when an operation takes a ghastly and unexpected turn. Meanwhile, a sensitive package jeopardizes Oleg’s life back home.

Season 5 – Episode 04 – What’s the Matter with Kansas?
Original Air Date:March 28 2017
Philip and Elizabeth have qualms about a new assignment, while a specter from Philip’s past creates unforeseen dangers. At the FBI, Stan makes a shocking play that could throw his career into turmoil.

Season 5 – Episode 05 – Lotus 1-2-3
Original Air Date:April 4 2017
Philip and Elizabeth receive surprising news about Henry — and shattering news about a past operation. Stan might be falling in love, but Philip wonders if something darker is going on.

Season 5 – Episode 06 – Crossbreed
Original Air Date:April 11 2017
Gabriel stuns Philip and Elizabeth with a sudden announcement and a crushing revelation about Philip’s past. Stan and Aderholt draw a fly into their web, while Oleg and Ruslan ambush their first suspect.

Season 5 – Episode 07 – The Committee on Human Rights
Original Air Date:April 18 2017
As Paige becomes even more enmeshed in her parents’ world, tensions with Matthew Beeman come to a head, Philip and Elizabeth’s honeytraps take surprising turns, and Stan faces
the consequences of overplaying his hand at the FBI.

Season 5 – Episode 08 – Immersion
Original Air Date:April 25 2017
A secret brings Elizabeth and Paige together, while, in Moscow, Oleg’s own secrets put him under KGB suspicion. A new twist in the Morozov operation creates an opportunity that changes everything.

Season 5 – Episode 09 – IHOP
Original Air Date:May 2 2017
Philip and Elizabeth are thrown off balance when things with Tuan take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Henry makes a startling proposition and Stan has a disturbing encounter with Frank Gaad’s widow.

Season 5 – Episode 10 – Darkroom
Original Air Date:May 9 2017
Paige’s snooping leads Philip and Elizabeth to make a choice that could shift the balance of their lives forever. Stan and Aderholt’s recruitment of Sofia suddenly bears fruit.

Season 5 – Episode 11 – Dyatkovo
Original Air Date:May 16 2017
A surprise assignment from the Centre divides Philip and Elizabeth, forcing them into a moment of profound crisis. Stan gives Henry a tour of the FBI ?? but will he see too much?

Season 5 – Episode 12 – The World Council of Churches
Original Air Date:May 23 2017
As Philip and Elizabeth grapple with a momentous decision, Tuan takes matters into his own hands in the Morozov operation. Back in Russia, Oleg’s investigation collides with the realities of the Soviet system.

Season 5 – Episode 13 – The Soviet Division
Original Air Date:May 30 2017
The riveting season finale of The Americans finds Philip and Elizabeth racing against the clock as a life hangs in the balance, while Stan faces an uncertain future.